"In short, I am dumping the project. Most probably the current version 4.0.1 is going the be the last version of Nodemailer ever released. I don’t plan to add any new features nor fix any bugs or potential security issues. Nodemailer codebase is solid enough that there shouldn’t be major bugs, so it should be safe to continue using it for the foreseeable future." - andris

Get the full article here https://nodemailer.com/status/

Why Nodemailer matters to Shinobi

I believe this to be an amazing project and it has helped me save a lot of time with Shinobi's mailing features.

Why this issue bothers me

The developer, andris, seems to have spent a lot of their effort on this project and it ended with users berating him and taking his earnings.

People like myself and andris give our time and effort for people we don't even know, this costs us money too. You can blame us for being considerate but if there weren't anyone like us then things would be a lot worse.

I too tried to make Shinobi a paid application and it ended with people just wasting my time. Ultimately hurting my performance in maintaining Shinobi.

Take what happened to Nodemailer as a reminder why we shouldn't just take without giving something in return.

Why maintaining without the author is bad

ZoneMinder is an application where the original author left and look at the result today. For more information check out "Why not just use ZoneMinder".

Making a program is similar to raising a child. It takes time and effort to do it right.

Please consider contributing to Shinobi to ensure it not only stays alive, so that the code is not destroyed by those not ready to pick up the mantle. This said not referring to ability but to the amount of care and for what purpose.

I am aware that one day I will grow old and die. In that time there will hopefully be someone who cares about Shinobi more than I do to keep it going.. but for now I am in the spring time of youth!