For this article we will assume your Shinobi directory is found in the default location /home/Shinobi.

Installing the database for MariaDB/MySQL

1. Navigate to your Shinobi directory

cd /home/Shinobi

2. Open the MariaDB/MySQL Terminal client.


3. Load the SQL files. framework.sql is the database architecture. user.sql are the credentials for Shinobi to connect to the database.

source sql/framework.sql;
source sql/user.sql;

4. Exit the SQL client


4. If you need to enable the mysql database type you can run the following.

node tools/modifyConfiguration.js databaseType=mysql

5. Restart Shinobi

pm2 restart all

Installing the database for SQLite3

1. Navigate to your Shinobi directory

cd /home/Shinobi

2. Copy the blank database file to the main directory to make it active.

cp sql/shinobi.sample.sqlite shinobi.sqlite

3. If you haven't enabled SQLite3 in the conf.json you can do so by running the following.

node tools/modifyConfiguration.js databaseType=sqlite3

4. Now restart Shinobi

pm2 restart all