General Compatibility Check

The easiest way to check if it works in Shinobi is to know whether or not in a similar application, like VLC.

  • Can be streamed in VLC
  • Can be accessed by an ONVIF Scanner
  • Can be accessed by software not made by the camera vendor
  • Is classified as an IP Camera (not P2P camera)

How to Test a Stream in VLC

Terminology may differ based on Operating System.

  1. Open VLC.
  2. Click File.
  3. Click Open Network Stream.
  4. Paste the Stream URL that you have acquired.

If you have not acquired a Stream URL you may scan for it upon ONVIF compliant cameras. You may also check ShinobiHub's Explore page for pre-created configurations posted by the community.

Stream works in VLC

In short : Use that Stream URL in Shinobi.

If it asked you for a username and password then you need to put that into the Stream URL manually before Saving the configuration in Shinobi.

When you started your stream in VLC it may have looked like this.


It should be modified to look like this. USERNAME being swapped with your camera's login username and PASSWORD being for the password associated.

rtsp://USERNAME:[email protected]_IP:554/

In essence all you have added is :

USERNAME:[email protected]

Camera has ONVIF Access

If you have located your camera on the network with Shinobi's built in ONVIF Scanner then you can simply click the Copy button next to the search result.

If you have located your camera with a different ONVIF Tool then you can get the Stream URL from there. Once located you can test the Stream in VLC.