Why do this?

Mainly because /super and /admin are now being scanned by bots or malicious users. You should change it to something else to make it more difficult for a bot or an unauthorized person to access the login screens.

How to change the paths

1. Open your conf.json file located in the the Shinobi directory.

cd /home/Shinobi
nano conf.json

2. Add the webPaths object. You can modify the home, super, and admin values or not use them at all.

  "webPaths": {
      "home" : "/",
      "super" : "/kittens",
      "admin" : "/puppies"

3. Save and restart Shinobi to activate the changes. cron.js does not need to be restarted.

pm2 restart camera

4. Now /kittens will take you to the Superuser login and /puppies will take you to the Admin login page.