Enabling the RTMP Server

Gaining access to the RTMP port can be done by adding rtmpServer to your conf.json. The restart Shinobi to make the change take effect. The default port is 1935.

cd /home/Shinobi
npm install discord.js
node tools/modifyConfiguration.js rtmpServer='{"port":1935}'
pm2 restart camera.js

Feeding Shinobi via RTMP

Let's assume your Shinobi engine is found at and that your account's Group Key is theGrpKey123. Let's also assume you have chosen to leave the RTMP port as 1935.

1. Navigate to your Shinobi dashboard and create a camera with the Input Type set to RTMP. You will now be greeted with a new field labelled Stream Key. Fill it with your desired string or an API key. Special characters are not allowed.

Settings for Stream, Recording, and other sections will follow the same premise as a standard RTSP/H.264 camera, like a Reolink C1 Pro.

2. With your newly created Monitor let's assume the Monitor ID is 111 and you have chosen to use 3456 as Stream Key. You can use the following RTMP path.


The format is as follows :


When you begin the RTMP push the monitor process will stabilize and behave like a regular IP camera with Shinobi.