What is Shinobi Streamer?

The ability to stream the camera of your phone or computer just by opening a web page in a compatible browser. It uses the WebRTC function set to get video data then uses Websocket to stream it to the Shinobi server.

Version 1 uses JPEG data. It creates snapshots on the client side and sends them back. Since JPEG data is only image data there is no audio recording with this method.

What is the purpose of Shinobi Streamer?

The purpose is to replace Dashcams with a cloud connected alternative. Most dashcams only save to a memory card. Shinobi Streamer plans to take that to the next level.

Just open an app on a device you already carry around with you. Mount it to your vehicle dashboard and voila. Video protection for your road trips.

The great thing about this tool is that you can use it for more than just as a Dashcam. There are plans to make it into a Go Pro alternative as well.

How to Setup Shinobi Streamer v1

You can watch this video from an older build of Shinobi. Current versions follow the same premise in setup.

What is Shinobi Streamer v2?

Version 2 follows many of the same premises as version 1 but instead of JPEG data it creates WebM data. As chunks are made they sent back and put together into a video file on the server side.

Since we are recording WebM data this allows us to record audio as well.

The setup for Streamer v2 is the same as v1, just choose Dashcam Streamer v2 instead.

Why keep Streamer v1 if Streamer v2 is better?

Streamer v1 supports more devices so it was left as a compatibility method.