Setting up the configuration to point at your additional storage space

Your additional storage space can be something like NFS, a USB Hard Drive, or just another folder altogether.

1. Open Terminal and Navigate to the Shinobi directory. The default location is /home/Shinobi.

cd /home/Shinobi

2. Open the configuration file, conf.json.

nano conf.json

3. Edit the addStorage variable. You may already have a value set as an example for a second storage folder labelled as second in the /home/Shinobi/videos2 directory.

"addStorage": [
  • See __DIR__ ? This means that it will start in the directory in which Shinobi is started. This points to /home/Shinobi in our example.
  • The path is as you put it aside from the __DIR__ being replace with the working directory.
  • The name appears in the dashboard for the options in the Storage Location selector.

4. Once changed to your liking you must restart Shinobi to activate the storage space.

pm2 restart all

Setting an alternate Storage Location for a Camera

1. Open Monitor Settings for a Camera by clicking the Wrench icon or by creating a new monitor.

2. Find the Identity section and there you will find Storage Location.

3. Set the value as your new Storage Location. If you left the name as second then you can select second in the list.

4. Press Save to activate the Storage Location for the camera.