For this article let's assume your installation of Shinobi is found at

Login to the Superuser

At the end of your installation you should be greeted with a message telling you to login at with the following credentials.

Username : [email protected]
Password : admin

Create a User for Managing Cameras

Now that you've logged in you should see a button labelled Add Account. Once clicked you can fill in the details for your new user.

Before saving the new user set the Max Storage Amount. This is the storage space usable for your recordings. The default is 10000 MB which is 10 GB.

Change the Superuser Credentials

Navigate to the Preferences tab. Set the credentials to anything other than the default. You should not skip this step even if you are doing a local-only installation.

Change the CRON key

In the Configuration tab you can see the contents of your conf.json. Find the portion that appears like below

"cron": {
  "key": "change_this_to_something_very_random__just_anything_other_than_this"

Change the key variable to something else. Anything, just make it random. Here is an example.

"cron": {
  "key": "826935124782693512478269351247"

Then head over to the Controls and Logs tab and Restart the Core.

Logging in to your New User

Open your web browser and navigate to and login with the account you created in the Superuser panel. On the Login page, make sure the drop down selector has Dashboard selected.

Adding Monitors

For information about adding monitors you can review these links.

Adding Sub-Accounts to Share Monitors

Login to your account (the one that manages cameras) at to share monitors with accounts and set privileges for the Monitors you've created.

You can learn more about the different account types here.