You should be root before doing this or using sudo.

1. Backup your SQL database before attempting this.

mysqldump -u majesticflame -p ccio > database-dump.sql

The password should be blank for this user. It is the user created by sql/user.sql during the Shinobi install. The database-dump.sql​ file will be found in the directory you are currently in.

2. Stop all Shinobi processes before proceeding. If you do not stop camera.js and cron.js before proceeding you may lose the contents of your SQL database.

pm2 kill

3. If you have a copy of Shinobi already installed at /home/Shinobi you can move it to a temporary location.

mv /home/Shinobi /home/Shinobi2

4. Clone the Pro repo to /home/Shinobi.

git clone /home/Shinobi

For more frequent updates you can try the dev branch.

git clone -b dev /home/Shinobi

5. Now we need to move your conf.json, videos, and super.json files to the new folder.

mv /home/Shinobi2/conf.json /home/Shinobi/conf.json
mv /home/Shinobi2/videos /home/Shinobi/videos
mv /home/Shinobi2/super.json /home/Shinobi/super.json

6. Install the node modules.

cd /home/Shinobi
npm install

7. Lastly start Shinobi.

pm2 start camera.js
pm2 start cron.js