Shinobi is located at /home/Shinobi by default. You may need to be root to run these commands.

1. Open your conf.json file. You can do this either through terminal or the Superuser panel of Shinobi. conf.json is located in the main directory of the Shinobi folder.

2. Add the following parameters at the top of the JSON.

"orphanedVideoCheckMax": 1000,
"insertOrphans": true,

orphanedVideoCheckMax can be set to any whole number above 0. This tells Shinobi how many videos to check against the database upon startup. By default it is 2.

3. Save these changes and restart Shinobi.

pm2 restart camera

4. Now wait for Shinobi to say it is ready in startup post. You can watch the startup post in the Superuser panel or by running the following.

pm2 logs --lines 100

5. Once Shinobi is ready you need to remove the two conf.json parameters that you have added and restart Shinobi again.

orphanedVideoCheckMax and insertOrphans must be removed.

pm2 restart camera