Reset your Password

To do this you need to login to your Shinobi's Superuser panel.

  1. Navigate to http://YOUR_SHINOBI/super and Login.
    • YOUR_SHINOBI : is your Shinobi's IP Address and Port (or Domain)
    • Default Username : [email protected]
    • Default Password : admin
  2. You should now see a listing of accounts registered to the server.
  3. Select the one you have forgotten the password for and fill the password fields. Then Save.
  4. Log out of the Superuser and now you can access your account from http://YOUR_SHINOBI/ once again.

Reset the Superuser

Don't worry. In the event this occurs you can still access the Shinobi directory. There you will find a file named super.json as well as super.sample.json. Just overwrite the super.json with super.sample.json.

For Unix (Linux, Mac) users you can just run the following from inside the Shinobi directory to reset the Superuser to the default credentials shown in super.sample.json.

cp super.sample.json super.json

Shinobi's default directory is /home/Shinobi

Set a new Superuser Login

While in the Superuser panel you can open the Preferences tab and reset the username and password.