Why wasn't docker supported before?

The methodology in creating files is a hassle. As much as there have been many community-provided sets of Docker files : I simply couldn't wrap my head around how they worked. You can read more in depth about that here.

Why is it supported now?

Thanks to MiGoller and his image I learned how the Docker files actually work. Even a way to have the image always pull the latest version of Shinobi on image creation.

In short : the community once again gave me the strength to use something I could not before. I want to share that new found ability and in extension we become better at using that ability.

How do I use my new found abilities?

You can review the Docker install instructions in the documentation. These instructions are provided in the repository README as well.

To review the code base of the Docker files you can visit the git repository containing them. This repository will soon be recreated in the ShinobiCCTV git account. When that happens the docs will also be updated.

There should be no difference in using the new files unless there are actual changes to them in between.

Thanks everyone!

Thanks to MiGoller, mrproper, and everyone who helped bring Shinobi this far and thanks to everyone who put up with my child-like disposition :D Cheers!