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Install the Windows Subsystem for Linux

1. Open PowerShell as Administrator and run :

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

2. Restart your computer when prompted.

Install Ubuntu 18.04

1. Download the distribution package for Ubuntu 18.04

2. Double click the downloaded file and click Install.

  • If all went well you will see a Terminal window ready to run Bash commands on Ubuntu 18.04.

Restarting the Image

You may notice that reboot is no longer a usable function. Instead you will need to use PowerShell in Administrator mode.

1. Open PowerShell as Administrator and run :

Restart-Service LxssManager

2. Then to re-enter the Terminal for the Ubuntu distribution you can just double click the Appx file you downloaded prior. The one used to install Ubuntu on Windows Subsystem.

Now that you're running, Install Shinobi!

Install Shinobi with the Ninja Way to get a fast and easy install.

Here is an older video highlighting the installation process with the Ninja Way.

Suggestion : When installing the database just leave the server password blank as shown in the video.

Last Minute Warnings

Now that you have Shinobi installed on Windows Subsystem with Ubuntu 18.04 you may decide to try Hardware Acceleration. Don't. Not yet. I tried to install CUDA drivers and it simply didn't work.